By Henry Art Gallery
In Plain Sight

Published on the occasion of the museum-wide exhibition with the same name, In Plain Sight features the work of fourteen national and international artists whose work addresses narratives, communities, and histories that are typically hidden or invisible in our public space (both conceptually and literally defined). The group exhibition and publication engage artists who reveal untold stories and champion repressed voices that have been undervalued or deliberately silenced to reveal public narratives that have been obfuscated, intending to reimagine the future. 

The presenting artists approach the exhibition’s theme from a range of directions, varying across all media as well as aesthetic and conceptual contexts. Works encompass deliberately activist endeavors and direct documentation; the unpacking of individual histories excluded due to race, ethnicity, or class; explorations of coded language for protection, secrecy, or both; the illumination of invisible or covert systems of labor, exploitation, and capitalist control; and translation through surreal, oblique, or fantastical frameworks.

This publication features 48 full-color plates, individual artist essays, and a thematic essay by Shamim M. Momin, Henry Director of Curatorial Affairs and organizer of the exhibition.

Participating artists: Sadie Barnette (U.S., born 1984), Sanford Biggers (U.S., born 1970), Andrea Bowers (U.S., born 1965), Tom Burr (U.S., born 1963), Fiona Connor (New Zealand, born 1981), william cordova (Peru, born 1969), Beatriz Cortez (El Salvador, born 1970), Hayv Kahraman (Iraq, born 1981), Nicole Miller (U.S., born 1982), Alison O’Daniel (U.S., born 1979), Ebony G. Patterson (Jamaica, born 1981), Mika Rottenberg (Argentina, born 1976), A.L. Steiner (U.S., born 1967), Oscar Tuazon (U.S., born 1975)


Hard Cover, 160 pp

9 x 6 inches (portrait)

Publisher: Henry Art Gallery, 2020

Designer: Jayme Yen

Printer: KOPA (Lithuania)

ISBN: 978-0-935558-61-6
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