Henry Art Gallery
Sunday, December 1, 2019, 1:00 – 3:00 PM
ArtVenture: Hidden Panels with Melanie Stevens
How do the materials we use help us imagine stories about ourselves and our communities? How does a story change if you print it on fabric instead of paper or use images instead of words? Inspired by the way a few of the artists in In Plain Sight (Sanford Biggers, Sadie Barnette, Ebony G. Patterson) use textiles for community storytelling, we will use printmaking techniques, learn to carve linoleum blocks, and stamp our stories on a variety of fabrics and surfaces. We'll think about how stories are shaped, connected, and repeated over time. Although this activity involves sharp tools for cutting lino blocks, we will have options available that don’t require their use. Let’s see what our stories can look like!    
Melanie Stevens is an artist, illustrator, and writer. She is the creator of the graphic novel series WaterShed and the co-founder and editor of Miss Anthology, an organization that supports and publishes racially and economically diverse young comic artists who identify as female or genderqueer. She is also the co-curator of Nat Turner Project, a migratory gallery space that grants artists of color the freedom to create or express their own language within and without the parameters of racial commodification or designation. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree for Political Science from Yale University and her Master’s of Fine Arts degree for Visual Studies at Pacific Northwest College of Art, where she currently teaches.
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