ArtVenture: Movement for Liberation with Cheryl Delostrinos

How can our bodies help us understand or imagine how liberation looks and feels? Join dance artist Cheryl Delostrinos for this intergenerational movement workshop in conversation with Donna Huanca: Magma Slit (link). Huanca’s installation is a complete sensory experience, evoking slippages of space and time that invite participants to both find and lose themselves, thus creating the conditions for liberatory meditation. Pausing within these slippages, Delostrinos will guide participants to celebrate the beautiful shapes, woven complexities, and hardworking vessels of our bodies. Through a series of experiments in movement and mirroring inspired by Huanca’s work, we will reflect upon where we see liberation in the world and in our communities, and consider how we can support others in their liberation, as well as allow others to support us in ours.

Ages 8 and up; younger participants should come with adult collaborators. No dance experience is required. Please email us at with accessibility needs or questions. 


Cheryl  Delostrinos is a Filipino American dance artist born and raised in Seattle. She  is one of the co-founders of Au Collective, a 6-year-old movement-based non-profit that centers Queer, Trans, Black, People of Color, Femme, and? Women artists at the forefront of their work with an emphasis on access to the arts. She is honored to be a teaching artist and mentor for brilliant young people at SAAS, Coyote Central, and throughout Central and South King County.  Cheryl is passionate about supporting and fostering a platform for all people to access the tools they need in order to empower themselves to fully realize their whole selves. If she isn’t painting vivid stories with her body and with her community, she is supporting BIPOC artists by creating a sustainable infrastructure for funding by redistributing wealth.

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