Henry Art Gallery
Saturday, February 23, 2019, 1:00 – 2:00 PM
Cosmotarraya (Cosmonet): A Collective Performance with Carolina Caycedo

Visiting artist Carolina Caycedo invites the public to engage in an improvisational choreography of collective action and movement, using handmade fishing nets collected during Caycedo’s research in communities affected by dams and privatization. In conjunction with Caycedo’s ongoing Be Dammed project, this performance invites participants to imagine the river as an active social agent and to consider the permeable and flexible, yet powerful components of the fishing net in juxtaposition with the more permanent and solid state of dams. Through a series of embodied experiences and connections made through the net, participants work together to develop what the artist refers to as a collective body. 

This program is in conjunction with Carolina Caycedo’s visit as a Gurvich Contemporary Art Project artist. During her visit, Caycedo will engage in a range of programs that explore the geopolitics of water, collective resistance, and regional narratives that relate to her ongoing project Be Dammed, aspects of which are on view in the current exhibition Between Bodies.

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