Screening of EL SUEÑO + Q&A with Alicia Mullikin & Devin Muñoz

In conjunction with the closing weekend of EL SUEÑO: THE FLOWERS THAT BLOOM, we hope you will join us for EL SUEÑO Healing Day. Imagined and developed  by EL SUEÑO, a dance company that uses ancestral and familial ties as the driving force for their work, this series of programs features the work and knowledge of four Mexican-American artists and healing practitioners. EL SUEÑO Healing Day offers participants a chance to reflect on their own histories in the context of ancestral observance and utilizes guided meditation, movement,  journaling, and discussion as a way to foster and understand one’s relationship and responsibility to their ancestral lineage. In between workshop sessions, there will be offerings of frybread and treats from Off The Rez. The day concludes with a free screening of EL SUEÑO’s recent film and a panel discussion with the director Alicia Mullikin and filmmaker Devin Muñoz.



EL SUEÑO is a contemporary dance film created in collaboration by two Mexican-American dance artists. Director/Choreographer Alicia Mullikin and Filmmaker/Dancer Devin Muñoz explore what it means to be powerful brown women and to be the narrators and illustrators of their own stories. Filmed in the scenic Mohave Desert, the work offers a glimpse of the woven landscapes of pain and joy echoed in both ancient and contemporary experience that are central to the film and the dancers who are part of it. EL SUEÑO offers an intimate glimpse of female archetypes—mother, grandmother, queen, and warrior. These ancestors are reimagined as traits that are passed down through generations and challenges us to take ownership over the world we leave for our future ancestors. The film seeks to honor the many brown women who have risked it all for the next generation of dreamers.

General Admission
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