Henry Art Gallery
Saturday, June 16, 2018, 2:00 – 3:30 PM
Making and Unmaking the Body: Curator Conversation with Nina Bozicnik and Invited Guests

Join Henry curators and practitioners from an array of disciplines as they share their perspectives and expand upon core ideas in exhibitions. 


Associate curator Nina Bozicnik is joined by Stevi Costa, writer and performer, Alyza DelPan-Monley, dancer and choreographer, and Naomi Hume, art historian, for a conversation that thinks with and through the exhibition Martha Friedman: Castoffs.  This conversation will take place in the gallery surrounded by Friedman’s hybrid sculptures that combine concrete cast body parts with metal spikes and armatures, as well as tubing and sheeting made of rubber. The dialogue will explore topics including the body as an object of sculptural inquiry, gendered representation, and the social and cultural conditions shaping embodied experience.   


Students, UW Faculty & Staff, Henry Members
General Admission
15 left
Seniors (62+)
10 left
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