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Sunday, April 10, 2016, 12:30 – 1:45 PM
Mårten Spångberg: The Planet (late at night)

Realisation Nikima Jagudajev
With: Madison Bristol, Tzu-Nu (Jessica) Huang, Wei Mei (Dolly) Huang, and Sofi Rossi

The Planet (late at night) features a group of dancers and a cast of scattered objects—including Polaroid cameras, a pile of dirt, and multiple uniforms—that come together to reimagine the performer/spectator relationship as one of uncanny, mutual recognition. These objects become props in a performance that creates a space for idleness, unburdened from the anticipation for what comes next.  In this space, actions are recursive and dispersed, conceived alongside a fictional story Spångberg wrote titled For Now that speculates on the sublime horror of an endless present. The Planet (late at night) was especially created for the exhibition Six Weeks, in Time.

Mårten Spångberg (Sweden, born 1968) is a performance related artist whose interests concern choreography in an expanded field. Since 1999 he has created choreographies, from solos to larger scale works, which have toured internationally. He has taught theory and practice and was director for the MA program in choreography at the University of Dance in Stockholm, 2008-2012. In 2011, he published his first book Spangbergianism.

The Planet (late at night) is made possible through collaboration with the University of Washington School of Dance and Jennifer Salk, Associate Professor and Dance Program Director, and is supported by Swedish Art Council and The Swedish Arts Grants Committee.

Image credit: Mårten Spångberg. La Substance, but in English, 2014. Image courtesy of the artist. © Åsa Lundén


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