By Paul Laffoley, with a foreword by Sylvia Wolf and essay by Luis Croquer
Paul Laffoley: Premonitions of the Bauharoque

Developed in conjunction with the exhibition Paul Laffoley: Premonitions of the Bauharoque, this publication surveys the work of Paul Laffoley (U.S., 19400 – 2015), an American artist whose work synthesized a broad swath of disciplines—from art history, architecture and classical literature to science fiction and natural and occult sciences—offering alternative ways to understand and rethink the world that surrounds us. Laffoley combined diagrams, symbols, and texts to create densely layered paintings that take anywhere from one to three years to paint. This sustained and intense focus on both image and content produced a unique and complex body of work that combines theory and encrypted knowledge with visionary representation. Paul Laffoley: Premonitions of the Bauharoque reproduces in facsimile a series of handwritten journal entries that span Laffoley's career, alongside color reproductions of the artist's earliest mature work from 1965. These journal entries, which precede and form the basis of his paintings, explicate Laffoley's rich cosmology.

Softcover, 303 pages

11 x 8.5 inches (portrait)

Publisher: Henry Art Gallery, 2013

ISBN: 9780935558524

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