Henry Auditorium
Thursday, April 27, 2017, 7:00 – 8:00 PM
Pentimento: a scripted play by Dawn Cerny

In this performance, artist Dawn Cerny presents a script made from her written correspondence with the members of Kraft Duntz (David Lipe, Matt Sellars, and Dan Webb), her collaborators on the Henry installation Fun. No Fun. Selected from text messages and emails sent among the group during the eight months spent developing and executing the installation, the script traverses the divide between art and life, addressing each of the four’s particular concerns about such matters as scale and spatial experience, but also of baking bread. The script, generated from the dynamics of collaboration—between each other and the institution— signals breakthrough moments and comprises, and what Cerny describes as “soul-crushing conflict.” As the title Pentimento suggests, the script also evokes a process and conversation that is cumulative rather than linear, where ideas evolve over time, and not always as one would have hoped.

The cast for this production includes local, professional and amateur actors, including Kevin Clark, Douglas Gale, and Travis Vogt.

Primarily working in sculpture, Cerny has recently made live performance presented at venues including the Vancouver Art Gallery, Western Washington University, and On the Boards, as part of their Open Studio series. Interpersonal relationships, navigating life, socially—as an artist and parent—are materials that have fueled Cerny’s work, and take on a central role in this latest script-based performance.

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