Henry Art Gallery
Saturday, February 8, 2020, 1:00 – 3:00 PM
The Tuba Thieves Performance and Conversation

Join us for an experimental trumpet and American Sign Language (ASL) performance directed by In Plain Sight artist Alison O’Daniel. Echoing and engaging the themes and soundscapes of O’Daniel’s The Tuba Thieves video installation, the performers will echo both scripted and improvised visual, aural, and haptic vocabularies in an exploration of communication that tethers silences and sounds. The performers will move throughout the interstitial spaces of the museum in order to take advantage of the variant acoustics of the building and will, at times, be in separate locations. As such, the performance is designed to be experienced as echoes, glimpses, blanks, and should be taken in from wherever an audience member may be situated. We encourage attendees to arrive early in order to view the The Tuba Thieves installation, and additional sequences, ahead of the performance.

Directly after, join us in the auditorium for an informal discussion and reflection on The Tuba Thieves film series and performance, featuring Alison O’Daniel, the performers, and Patty Liang, Executive Director of Deaf Spotlight. ASL translation will be provided for this conversation.

General Admission
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