By Robert Sarkis, Chris Bruce
William Ivey: Three Decades of Painting

“The purpose in organizing this exhibition and catalogue is to acknowledge the person who is the finest pure painter in this area of the world. The three decades covered by this exhibition (1959 - 1989) represent the period of fully mature work by William Ivey. It is no coincidence that the exhibition begins with the time just before Ivey quit his job as a social worker to devote himself full-time to painting: he was ready. We decided to structure the selections by covering the past thirty years, coinciding with his full-time commitment to painting. Furthermore we have emphasized work produced since the Seattle Art Museum show organized by Virginia Wright in 1975, though some highlights from that show are included. A high proportion of this exhibition is from the 1980s, partly because as each new painting embodies the previous ones, it has an added depth of experience, almost as though each individual work represents a fully resolved layer in an over-all “accumulative painting.” We allowed ourselves the predisposition to select larger paintings which combine Ivey’s strength of structure with his poetic side, to go for works which include those bold explosive moments, the more complex, symphonic paintings.” - Robert Sarkis, Chris Bruce


Softcover, 59 pages

11.5 x 11.5  inches

Publisher: Henry Art Gallery, 1989

Designer: Douglas Wadden

Printer: Nissha Printing Co. Ltd., Kyoto, Japan

ISBN: 9780935558265

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